Pianist Jasper Koekoek was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where he lived up until the turn of the century. In Salo, Finland, he joined the local music school where he studied with his first teacher Esko Reima.


Having graduated from his basic education, Koekoek went to study with Liisa Malmivaara at the Turku Conservatory. During these three years, he also studied violin under Araik Resjan and held a keen interest in composition, which he studied under Tuomo Teirilä. Koekoek began teaching piano in Salo in 2011. In 2012, he contended as a finalist at the 2nd National Uuno Klami Composition Competition for Children and Youth. Koekoek played in the Turku Conservatory Salon Orchestra in 2011–2013, which was an experience that arose his interest in orchestral piano playing. Koekoek was awarded with the Talented Music Student’s Grant by the Finnish Cultural Foundation upon graduation.


Koekoek was taught by Heini Kärkkäinen at the Tampere Music Academy where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Pedagogy. His made his Bachelor concert and a thesis on French Neoclassicism and Humour in Music. Koekoek holds chamber music in high regard, and through the years in Tampere, he played in many wind and symphony orchestras as well as countless Lied duos. He maintained a small private enterprise for teaching piano.


Koekoek studied under Juhani Lagerspetz at the Sibelius Academy at the Master’s programme Piano Chamber Music and Lied. Soprano Marianne Montonen and Jasper Koekoek won third prize at the national Helsinki Lied Competition in 2018. He was also awarded with a considerable grant by the Pro Musica Foundation for his artistic work.

During his study years in Turku, Tampere and Helsinki, Koekoek has taken part in piano, Lied and chamber music masterclasses of e.g. Tuija Hakkila, Eero Heinonen, Ralf Gothóni, Axel Bauni, Konstantin Bogino, and the Uusi Helsinki Quartet, as well as various teachers of the Lied Academy of Finland.


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