Pianist Jasper Koekoek was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where he lived up until the turn of the century. In a local music school in Salo, Finland, he was studying with his first piano teacher Esko Reima.


Koekoek went to study with Liisa Malmivaara at the Turku Conservatory. During these years, he also studied violin under Araik Resjan and composition under Tuomo Teirilä. In 2012, he contended as finalist at the II National Uuno Klami Composition Competition for Children and Youth. Koekoek played in the Turku Conservatory Salon Orchestra, which arose his interest in orchestral piano playing. Upon graduation, Koekoek was awarded the Lahjakkaan musiikinopiskelijan stipendi grant by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Koekoek was taught by Heini Kärkkäinen at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Pedagogy. Throughout the Tampere years, he was performing substantial amounts of both Lied and chamber music repertoire with various ensembles, with an emphasis on French neoclassical works. He also played often in symphony and wind orchestras at his university. His Bachelor concert-dissertation was called French Neoclassicism and Humour in Music.

Koekoek also attended many masterclasses in piano, Lied and chamber music, including some by e.g. Tuija Hakkila, Eero Heinonen, Ralf Gothóni, Konstantin Bogino, and the Uusi Helsinki Quartet, as well as various teachers of the Finnish Lied Academy.


Koekoek studied under Juhani Lagerspetz at the Uniarts Sibelius Academy in the Master programme Piano Chamber Music and Lied. In 2018, he started his collaboration with soprano Marianne Montonen (Finnish National Opera) which continues up to this day. The duo won 3rd prize at the national Helsinki Lied Competition in 2018. That year, both were awarded with a considerable grant for artistic work by the Pro Musica Foundation.

In the Uniarts Sibelius Academy, he turned into an eager harpsichordist, having studied harpsichord and continuo under DMus Assi Karttunen. He also did one year of organ minor studies under Olli Porthan.

As he did in Tampere, Koekoek also took part in various orchestral projects, under the baton of many notable conductors such as . He also engaged in international orchestras such as the Nationaal Jeugdorkest in the Netherlands an the Verbier Festival Orchestra in Switzerland. He was working as a piano pedagouge at the private music school Taidetöölö.


Koekoek finished his Bachelor in Early Music at the Uniarts Sibelius Academy. He was taught harpsichord by DMus Assi Karttunen and continuo by DMus Annamari Pölhö.

During the schoolyear 2020–2021, Koekoek worked at the Raahe Music School in Northern Ostrobothnia as a piano pedagogue and accompanist. The following year, he completed his, for Finnish male citizens obligatory, non-military service by working as accompanist for the Uniarts Sibelius Academy.

In March 2020, Koekoek started researching the arts songs of the Finnish early modernist composer Aarre Merikanto (1893–1958). The team he gathered, including singers Elisaveta Rimkevitch, Marianne Montonen, Aarne Mansikka and Henri Tikkanen, recorded the entire art song oeuvre by the composer. Released 9 September 2022, the album is unprecedented in the composer’s discography.


Having won a 6-month working grant from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Koekoek works as a Lied pianist during the latter half of 2022, organizing carefully thematized concerts, all of which, in one way or another, take a stand on the status quo of a modern society or of musical canon.

Koekoek studies in the Master programme in Early Music at the Uniarts Sibelius Academy. He also teaches at the Porvoonseudun musiikkiopisto music school.